A frugal way to recieve and give gifts

I am not very fund of birthdays with a lot of presents. I have always received at lot of things I did not need or want, so here is at tip to be more smart and frugal about receiving gifts yourself.

Make sure that you your wish list contains gift vouchers. One trick is to wait to use the voucher until there is a sale. That way you can get more for the same amount of money.

You can also return the other gifts and get a credit note from the store. The ‘naughty’ thing you can do is to return and buy the exact same item with the credit note or voucer and maby even get two for the price of one.

Gift vouchers can also easily be passed along to the next event where you are expected to give a gift. I do that a lot, and thereby I an gift-neutral, and do not have to go and use hours to buy the gifts.

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