A frugal way to recieve and give gifts

I’m not particularly enthusiastic about birthdays that involve an abundance of presents. Throughout my life, I’ve often found myself inundated with items that neither served a purpose nor aligned with my preferences. As a result, I’d like to offer some advice on how to approach gift-receiving more wisely and economically.

One of the strategies I’ve found effective is to include gift vouchers on your wish list. These vouchers provide the flexibility to choose precisely what you desire, when the time is right. To maximize the value of these vouchers, a handy tip is to hold onto them until a sale event arises. By doing so, you can stretch your budget and acquire more for the same amount of money.

Additionally, you can consider returning the other, less desired gifts and obtaining a store credit note. While it may feel a bit ‘naughty,’ you can then use this credit note to repurchase the exact same item or something else that you genuinely want. This way, you might even end up with two items for the price of one, making your gifts more tailored to your tastes.

Furthermore, gift vouchers can be versatile tools for occasions where you’re expected to give gifts. By passing along unused gift vouchers to others, you can maintain a gift-neutral stance and eliminate the need to spend hours shopping for presents. This approach not only ensures that the gifts you receive align with your preferences but also simplifies your gift-giving responsibilities at other events.

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