All 60 Submersion Lessons

As of January 31st, all 60 lessons for the new Submersion deep dive are published. Here’s the complete list of lessons:

  1. Your Best Thinking
  2. Your Mysterious Reality
  3. Modeling Reality
  4. Humanizing Reality
  5. Upgrading Your Relationship with Reality
  6. Healing Trust Wounds
  7. Overcoming Shame and Guilt
  8. Playfulness
  9. Listen to Reality
  10. Follow the White Rabbit
  11. Only One Consciousness
  12. Purifying Subjective Reality
  13. Directing Reality
  14. Subjective Goals
  15. Aligning Your Goals
  16. Ambition
  17. Aligned Behaviors
  18. Social Alignment
  19. Creating Your Character
  20. Simulated Emotions
  21. The Money Game
  22. Accepting Reality’s Answers
  23. Direct Engagement
  24. Trusting Death
  25. Being the Simulator
  26. Aligned Intentions
  27. Visualizing Intentions
  28. Creating Interesting Story
  29. Thinking Bigger
  30. Solving Recurring Problems
  31. Being Judgmental
  32. Being Judged
  33. Self-acceptance
  34. Feeling Grounded
  35. Finding Flow
  36. Multiple Universes
  37. Feeling Connected
  38. Learning from Mistakes
  39. Exploring Your Dark Side
  40. Sex and the Simulation
  41. Reality Distortion Fields
  42. Hitchhiking the Galaxy
  43. Subjective Relationships
  44. Causing Pain
  45. Expectations
  46. Connecting the Dots
  47. Life Purpose
  48. Subjective Productivity
  49. Staying Aware
  50. Subjective Spirituality
  51. Psychic Interfaces
  52. Increasing Lucidity
  53. Navigating Transitions
  54. Consistency
  55. Creative Transformations
  56. Pure Imagination
  57. Inviting Space
  58. Sculpting Reality
  59. Loss
  60. Oneness

All 60 audio lessons add up to 26 hours of material, so the average lesson is 26 minutes – perfect for a reflective walk or commute.

The original intention here was ambitious: to provide a seriously deep and immersive exploration of Subjective Reality, delving into the perspective that we may be living in a simulation or dream world and connecting this perspective to the results we’re able to create and experience.

There’s clearly a lot of leverage in questioning, carefully considering, and upgrading how we frame and relate to reality. This core relationship affects how we interact with every part of life – work, personal relationships, finances, productivity, emotions, and more. Wherever we succumb to trust wounds, we hold back from fully engaging with life, and we drag down our results as well. When we heal and strengthen this core relationship with reality, we frequently unlock improvements in multiple areas of life.

Although it took two months to design and create the recordings, it was more like 15+ years of exploration and deep thinking about Subjective Reality that went into this.

Creating this course was time well spent. There have been lots of appreciative messages about the transformational effect this has had on people. Some of this feedback was really incredible to read, involving extraordinary shifts in people’s realities. Some have had experiences that blew their minds, especially the fascinating ways in which reality seemed to acknowledge (or even scream) that this is more than just a world of objects.

On a personal note, I went through some major shifts myself in the process of developing this course. I feel like a different person today than I was in early December. I’d say the biggest shift is that I think of myself as less of a separate individual and more like part of a loving, caring, flowing, brilliant, creative community. I felt like some greater co-creative energy flowed through me to bring this course into existence, like my role was to serve as an instrument for its creation as opposed to pushing the project forward with individual will.

My social life has shifted a lot as well. Two months ago I was in a top business mastermind group. As I shared previously, I left that group in December. Then in January I rejoined the Transformational Leadership Council and attended a five-day retreat with them in Mexico last month. After six years away from TLC, I felt very welcomed back and had a fabulous time reconnecting with many conscious, caring friends that I’d lost touch with over the years. So I went through my own process of re-engaging with reality in a more heart-aligned way. This one shift really alters my life path going forward. These social connections feel much more aligned with what I want to explore this year and beyond.

So I experienced a very powerful example of the Submersion course in action. As I improved my own relationship with reality throughout the development of this course, including lots of engagement with the people taking the course, I saw my own results taking a powerful turn in a more aligned direction. Consequently, I feel like the alignment of my social circle has really taken a huge step forward from where it was a few months ago.

A key lesson I learned, which may be hard to grasp if you haven’t gone through Submersion yet, is that trusting my intuition and trusting reality are essentially the same forms of trust. I really can’t do one without simultaneously doing the other.

What’s Next?

We’re not stopping at the 60 published recordings. To really build this out into an even more supportive program, I’ll be spending the rest of February creating and adding additional material, including:

  • Text transcripts of all 60 lessons
  • A Summary Guide
  • Personal stories of applying these ideas (videos)
  • Playlists (subsets of the 60 audios to serve as mini deep dives on different subtopics)
  • An Explorer’s Guide with step-by-step application exercises
  • Audio walkthroughs of powerful practices
  • Text transcripts of the audio walkthroughs

Some other bonus material has already been published, so this is going to be a serious treasure trove of resources for anyone wanting to do a major deep dive into the subjective nature of reality.

If you’d like to experience Submersion for yourself, I invite you to join the 555 other deep divers who’ve already started. The door remains open, and you can begin the lessons right away. I recommend listening to one lesson per day for the next 60 days to make it a truly immersive experience. It’s fair to say that you’ll emerge a different person when you’re done. Some people have already started on their second listening to capture more of the benefits.

Every lesson includes an exercise for you to do that same day. Most of these exercises are pretty easy, and they add up to 60 progressive shifts in the direction of a more engaging and empowering life.

I’d recommend going through the 60 audios in their published order the first time through if you want the full cumulative effect. You can also listen to any audio independently though; each one serves as as a complete lesson on a specific subtopic.

Submersion serves as an invitation from your reality to lean into a stronger, closer, more trusting relationship. You’re likely to experience some major shifts when you engage with life more directly instead of cocooning yourself or hiding from the world.

Consider especially the idea that trusting your intuition is essentially the same as trusting reality. Can you actually trust yourself without also trusting reality to support you? Have you ever tried to trust reality while not fully trusting yourself? I had to lean into both forms of trust to make this program a reality, and recognizing this relationship was a tremendously useful and practical insight. Leaning into such trust is a key reason that all 60 lessons are now published.

What more could you experience if you trusted yourself and reality more than you do now? If that trust is weaker than it could be, Submersion is your invitation to strengthen it… whenever you’re ready.

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