minimalism with kids

I’ve often been asked, “How can you be a minimalist with six kids? I only have two kids, help me!” It can be pretty hilarious calling yourself a minimalist when you have six kids … but 1) I didn’t become minimalist until after I had the kids, and 2) anyone can be a minimalist, it’s […]

confessions of a minimalist

I have to confess that in recent years, I’ve often lost my minimalist way. The reason is that I get caught up in an obsession, and then I let myself give in to impulses. For example: I got obsessed with chess last year, and bought a new chess set, a tournament set, and an embarrassing […]

things I don’t have that many do

I’m not sharing this list to brag or imply that I’m superior in any way to people who have these things. However, I think such a list might serve as inspiration, to show that it’s possible to give up things we consider normal or necessary. Things I don’t have that many do: toaster microwave paper […]

Kindle & iPad are marketing devices

Christmas has come and gone, and in its consumerist wake thousands of people are left holding shiny new Kindles, iPads, iPhones and iPods. New toys that are fun, useful and beautiful all at once. And while I see the attraction of these devices — I’ve been tempted myself many times — I also know that […]