Does Your Muse Trust You?

I just finished 14 days of daily blogging (15 if we include this post), publishing an article called Sculpting Your Character 7 minutes before midnight last night. That was fun piece to write. 🙂

The commitment of this one-year daily blogging challenge is energizing and motivating. And my writing is becoming faster, easier, and more flowing.

Previously I’d prefer to blog in the morning. I love the early morning hours and like to get up around 5am. But with the current Stature course launch happening (2 days left to go), my blogging time has shifted to later in the day sometimes, like starting at 9 or 10 pm or even later. I’d normally go to bed between 10-10:30pm, so that’s very late for me. Previously it would be highly unusual for me to write that late in the day.

Now two weeks into this challenge, I’m liking the flow of it so far. With the launch happening, I’m only getting 4-5 hours of sleep per night this week, but somehow I still feel energized. I am looking forward to when the launch is over since I haven’t had a day off since… I can’t even remember, but it was before Christmas. The best I’ve had since then has been a light day of only 10 hours of work. I am looking forward to making it through the final two days of the launch, so my schedule can become a bit more relaxed.

I often tell myself that I’ll just write a shorter piece this time, maybe 1000 words or so, and then go to bed. But then as I start writing, I feel increasingly inspired and engaged. Writing is fun and energizing, especially when I write in a playful way like last night’s 2700-word article, which flowed very easily. I started out tired but felt energized by the time I hit the publish button.

Sending Energy

It feels like people are sending me energy whenever they read my work. There’s always a surge of readers when a new article first gets published, perhaps since many people subscribe to my blog via email or RSS. I’m most sensitive to this energy during the first hour after I publish something new since that’s when the greatest number of people are reading it. If I publish late in the day, and people’s reactions are positive and energizing like they were last night, I can’t go to sleep right away because I don’t feel tired anymore. Hence my bedtimes have shifted till 1-2 am lately.

Clicking the publish button is like downing a double shot of espresso, not because I’m nervous about people’s potential reactions, but because the energy that flows through very shortly afterwards is usually very loving, enthusiastic, and happy.

I also notice major differences in the energy patterns based on the tone with which I write. If I feel nervous it’s because I wrote something that made people feel insecure. I’m becoming increasingly aligned with expressing caring and connection through my creative work, partly because the energetic feedback feels a lot better to me. If I share something that makes people feel bad about themselves, they transmit those feelings to me, and I’m soon feeling what they’re feeling, although in my case it’s more of an aggregate summation of many frequencies of energy, which isn’t always harmonious. Maybe it’s a form of writer’s karma. It’s very noticeable.

I realize that some people aren’t into the notion that we can somehow transmit energy and emotion to each other at a distance. I’m convinced it’s real though because it just happens so much, the sensations are so pronounced, and I’ve received (and continue to receive) ample validation that we’re energetically synching up. Plus I find it to be an empowering perspective, and I get better results from thinking this way.

On many of our Conscious Growth Club coaching calls, I’ll sometimes feel a surprisingly strong burst of energy or emotion that I can tell isn’t originating from me. I’ll often ask which person on the call just got triggered by the last sentence or phase I said, and someone (often multiple people) chime in to validate that what I was sensing was coming from them. As anyone can verify from the recordings, this also happened on the Deep Abundance Integration calls more than once.

It doesn’t matter if the other person is 10 timezones away. The feedback happens just as quickly at a distance, so apparently the planet doesn’t block such signals.

Honoring the Endless Creative Flow

I love being sensitive to people’s energy and emotional feedback because I think it’s part of the same channel that gives me an endless flow of ideas to write about. I think that because I write so much, this channel sends me more good ideas than most people because I honor the intentions of this energy flow, which is to share and broadcast the ideas and not keep them bottled up in my mind.

I never get writer’s block. I feel like there’s always beautiful waves of inspiration flowing towards me, and I can tune into these waves anytime, anywhere, whenever I want, and I’ll be gifted with new creative ideas to express through any medium I like. I believe this privilege is bestowed upon me because I honor this flow. I’m loyal to it, I cherish it, and I serve it well, even when it yanks me out of bed before dawn to get up and write.

This flow is very real-time, so it’s always best if I act on it immediately. This morning I woke up with an inspired idea for a new article called “Are You Bored with Your Character?” I told my wife who is not a space alien that I was getting up to write such a piece right away, even though I’d only had about 4.5 hours sleep. But then when I got downstairs, I felt like checking on some launch stats and the latest feedback to see how that was going. And then I realized I was hungry, so I had breakfast. That only delayed me an hour or so, but I sensed that the energy transmission for the original article idea was falling out of sync. I had waited a little too long, and I knew that if I tried to write it, it would be more difficult. There was a different idea coming through for writing at this present time. And that’s this article.

When I’m at my best and really in the flow of inspiration, I won’t write the same article at 8am than I would have written at 6am. Even if I’m certain of what I’m going to write about at 6am, if I wait a few hours, I know it’s best to tune in and pick up a fresh idea that’s appropriate for that new time. Ideas have a time signature, and they’re super sensitive to delay. When I postpone an idea, it may revisit me again, usually in an altered form, but much of the time it’s gone forever, never to return with the same inspiration. Only the mental shadow of the idea lingers once that initial wave of energy is left, and there’s little or no joy in trying to create from lifeless shadows (shadow puppetry excluded).

If you get an inspired idea, I recommend that you act on it immediately – as in the very same minute. Don’t wait. Don’t delay, not even by an hour. The energy is there, but it won’t stick around for long. The universe is offering you a tremendous gift. Open it!

If you delay then you slam that gift back in its face, and it will remember that slight. It will divert that beautiful and life-enhancing flow of ideas to someone else… perhaps someone like me who will act immediately.

Does Your Muse Trust You?

I’m not perfect about this of course, but I do take action consistently enough that my muse knows it can trust me. Does your muse trust you, or have you betrayed it so much that it has pretty much abandoned you? Don’t disrespect your muse – unless you want to spend the rest of your life barely squeaking by and always having to do boring or tedious work just to make ends meet. That’s on you. Your dance partner deserves better.

If your muse has abandoned you, it’s never too late to repair that relationship. Ask for an inspired idea today, and then act immediately when it shows up. Prove that you’ll honor this energy, and it will dance with you. Screw it over by getting stuck in your head and second-guessing yourself, and it will abandon you. The gifts that were meant for you will flow to someone else.

There’s more than enough of this creative energy flow for all of us, more than you could ever exhaust in a lifetime. This energy knows no scarcity. It can flood you with abundance across all areas of life if you’ll simple dance with it.

Dance playfully. Dance fearlessly. Dance fiercely. Sometimes slow-dance to “Careless Whisper.”

It may feel awkward at first, but if you just keep showing up, you will get better and better at it. And that’s when dancing with this energy because life’s true delight.

Aligned Intentions

This energy is super sensitive to aligned intentions. If your intention is based on neediness, it won’t be kind to you. But if your intention stems from love, caring, creative expression, growth, expansion, contribution, and other energy signatures that light you up inside, then you can dance, dance, dance.

I love how the daily blogging challenge has enhanced and improved my relationship with this energy channel. It’s become louder and clearer. I think it recognizes the strength of my commitment on some level. It doesn’t just feed me endless ideas. It also feed me energy, so that while I’m writing, I’m bestowed the energy to cross the finish line. Even if I’m tired when I start, I feel awake and alive when I’m done. It’s just like dancing. You can start out tired, but once you get moving and loosen up a bit, it can be fun and energizing.

I anticipated that something like this might happen when I began this challenge, but it’s even more delicious than I expected. I feel like this channel of inspired energy and I are dancing together like never before. Instead of wondering how I’ll make it another 360 days, I have this sense of knowing that because of this long-form dance, this is going to be the most beautiful year of my life so far.

Every day I’m also getting more emails from people, expressing gratitude and appreciation for the recent articles. A few have said that they’ve been reading my blog for 10+ years, and this is this is the first time they’ve sent me any kind of feedback ever, but they felt inspired by a recent piece to finally reach out and connect. I’m genuinely touched by that. I too can tell that something has shifted in a really beautiful direction this year.

I’m not the only one experiencing this type of shift. We’re seeing this energy being stirred up in many Conscious Growth Club members, and I’m seeing it in some friends who are amping up their creative output this year too – such beautiful ripples.

In the past I used to think I could only use this flow of inspiration for short-form content, but with practice and experimentation, I’ve learned to use it for long-form content, such as our courses. That was trickier than I thought due to my own limiting beliefs about how it would be different from short-form content, but I finally got out my way, and know I know how to do the long-form dance too, which is immensely rewarding on a whole new level. I’m pouring this same kind of inspired energy into creating Stature, which is now up to 147 sign-ups… make that 148 since another one came in just as I was typing this. I’m sure a lot more will join today or tomorrow to get the launch discount.

Let’s dance! 💃🕺

P.S. Here’s a fun sync… I actually started playing “Careless Whisper” on YouTube when I first posted the link to it above. YouTube continued streaming a couple more songs after that automatically as YouTube normally does, and just as I typed “Let’s Dance!” to close out this article, the song “Lady in Red” started playing – a song about dancing.

If you enjoy applying Subjective Reality interpretations to songs as we covered in lesson 9 of Submersion (“Listen to Reality”), maybe try interpreting the lyrics from “Lady in Red” to see if they have any special meaning for you right now. For me this was just beautiful, so I’m gonna listen to it again right after I post this.

For some reason that song often makes me wanna cry. 😭

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