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Holiday ReleasingFest (Free)

Learning Strategies is hosting a free audio streaming event this week, based on the Sedona Method. It’s intended to help you destress and enjoy the holidays more, and it covers overcoming various limiting beliefs and inner blocks. It’s called ReleasingFest and runs for six days, from Nov 28 to Dec 3.

I’ve gone through a lot of Hale Dwoskin’s material myself, and he’s also created some free Sedona Method audios just for this community. Hale and I met several years ago and have attended some leadership retreats together. He’s a really playful, heart-centered guy with a lots of deep experience helping people overcoming emotional blocks. If you’ve had some heaviness in your life lately, and you’d like to lighten your energy more and create a better sense of possibility, I’d recommend giving this Fest a listen.

You can access this via your web browser or phone, and each day there’s a new lesson for you to listen to. The first two lessons are already online, so you can listen to them now. It actually started on Monday, but you can still access Monday’s session for a short time.

All six days of the Fest are free, with new sessions posted each day. Each session can be streamed for free for a limited time. There are also some free Paraliminals you can listen to as well, which is especially nice if you like meditation.

Get free access to ReleasingFest, and enjoy! 🙂

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