How to Clean Your Money’s Energy

In this simple article, I’ll share a perspective and a tool for improving your financial life. If you resonate with the perspective herein, consider testing the associated process I’ll share. If you don’t resonate with the perspective, there’s no need to read beyond the first three paragraphs.

Money can be regarded as a transfer of energy among people, and often people’s energy signature gets attached to money as they spend it. That energetic residue could include happiness if the money is happily spent, stress if the money is stressfully spent, or many other possible vibes or emotions.

When you receive money from other people in any form that money is transferred (including cash, direct deposits, and cryptocurrency), the money may come attached with an energy signature from the person or entity who sent it to you. That energy may be neutral or positively or negatively charged. As you claim ownership of the money, some of that residual energy signature could affect you personally, potentially knocking you off balance emotionally or physically.

My suggestion is to energetically clean your money now and then to purge it of any residual energy that you may not want. You can do this with a simple visualization in just a few minutes. With practice you can do this in a matter of seconds if you want to do it faster.

Close your eyes, and imagine your money as a cloud or ball of energy. Just focus on the energy for a while. Tune in to what it feels like. Imagine what it might look like. Notice any eddies or currents within this energy field that represents your money.

Now imagine energetically washing your money’s energy by creating any kind of visualization that feels appropriate to you.

Here are some suggestions for what to visualize:

  • Picture a waterfall flowing crystal clear, energetically cleansing water through your money’s energy field. As the water flows through the field, it catches impurities and pulls them out of the field, leaving the field cleaner and more uniform afterwards.
  • Shine radiant laser light through your money’s energy field, scanning for impurities and turning up the intensity of the beam to burn away those impurities. Use multiple lasers if you’d like.
  • Imagine heart emojis flooding into your money’s energy field, raising the vibe of the field as they flow through it and replacing misaligned energy patterns with the energy of love and appreciation.
  • Imagine spirit guides, angelic beings, or any spiritual entities that appeal to you, surrounding your money’s energy field and beaming radiant love energy into it, cleansing it of all impurities.
  • Imagine facing the energy field of your money, and politely asking all impurities and misaligned energies to depart and return to their sources. See them detaching from the field and flying away.

These are just some examples. You can do any or all of them. Feel free to make up your own. Trust your intuitive instincts.

As you do this, you may be surprised to sometimes feel that darker energy signatures attached to your money’s energy field resist being cleansed. You try to wash them away yet notice they’re still present in your visualization after washing. You may even feel some twitching or shaking in your body when you try to cleanse this darker energy. If that happens, just crank up the dial on the intensity of your cleansing visualizations. Make your waterfall fiercer, and hold it for longer. Make your lasers more intense. Use more and bigger emojis. Cycle through multiple visualizations until the misaligned energy finally departs. You can also do multiple sessions over a period of days if you sense that some misaligned energy is stubbornly resisting your efforts to purge it. Some darker energies can be extra clingy.

If you have a business, you can also use this process to clean the energy of the money that flows into your business. It’s especially good to do this if your business relies on launch cycles, and you bring in a significant amount of income within a short period of time. The money you receive may be mixed with other people’s vibes, feelings, worries, and expectations, so it’s good to clean that money of those residual energy signatures. It’s your money now, so make it fully your own by releasing any other energies that may be attached to it.

Afterwards if you like, you can imbue your money’s energy with some positive vibes that you get to choose. You can send it gratitude and appreciation. You can set an intention for it, such is inviting it to grow or multiply or to be spent wisely or playfully. Or you can just let your money’s energy remain neutral until you’re ready to decide what you’d like to do with it.

It’s also helpful to use this process if you tend to send misaligned energy into your money yourself, such as by worrying about it or stressing over bills. Keep your money clean of your own impurities too, so you can still use its energy to good effect.

You can also extend this process to other possessions that you buy or receive from others, including anything that’s been used before as well as anything that’s been manufactured. Consider who else may have handled the items you’re receiving and what residual energy, thoughts, or feelings they may have attached to those items.

This is basically the spiritual energy equivalent of washing your hands regularly. Just as you may pick up physical impurities that you’d like to wash off now and then, you may also want to wash off any energetic impurities, so they don’t accumulate and cause issues for you.

It only takes minutes to test this idea. Try it for yourself to see what effect it has.

The Submersion course also includes a walkthrough of a similar exercise for cleaning your own energy matrix, which is helpful to do as well – and it’s easy to extend that walkthrough into an exercise for cleaning your money. So if you bought Submersion, you can just play that particular walkthrough, and I’ll talk you through the whole visualization step by step. You’ll find the link to it on the Submersion Gifts page (it’s the 7th walkthrough under the Guided Walkthroughs).

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