My 5-Minute Vegan Breakfast

I often get asked what I eat as a vegan, so I’ll share one of my favorite breakfasts that I’ve been enjoying lately. I’ve eaten this simple meal for most days of the month.

Previously I would typically have steel cut oatmeal for breakfast, but this month I’m doing a 30-trial of eating grain-free, legume-free, and sugar-free. So I needed to figure out a breakfast that would satisfy those criteria.

This breakfast is also:

  • Quick to make (a few minutes tops)
  • Quick to eat
  • Satisfying
  • Delicious

Here we go…

2 sliced peaches (110 calories):

60g grain-free granola (340 calories):

170g unsweetened almond milk yogurt (140 calories):

After mixing:

So good! I just love the combo of the juicy softness of the peaches, the creaminess of the yogurt, and the mild crunch of the granola.

Total calories = 110 (peaches) + 340 (granola) + 140 (yogurt) = 590

Here are the granola ingredients:

The peaches are from Trader Joe’s (this time, but I usually get them from Costco), the granola from Costco, and the yogurt from Whole Foods. Getting groceries from 3+ different stores is pretty normal for a vegan, and fortunately all of these stores are close to us.

Here are some variations I often make:

  • Use white peaches instead of yellow peaches. Personally I like the yellow ones best.
  • Swap peaches for blueberries, sliced strawberries, nectarines, sliced banana, or other favorite fruits.
  • Use more fruit (and a larger bowl), like twice as many peaches or a combo of multiple fruits. I especially like peaches with blueberries.
  • Swap almond yogurt for cashew yogurt (I use Forager brand) or coconut milk.
  • Use 30g granola instead of 60g for a lighter meal (shaves off 170 calories, so 420 calories total).

If you like coffee, this goes really well with coffee too. I recommend trying it with a cup of Stumptown Founder’s Blend (organic) mixed with 50 ml of coconut milk (no sugar).

I especially like how this meal makes me feel. It digests easily, gives me good energy, and leaves me feeling light and happy. This is a really satisfying breakfast to have after a morning run.


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Steve Pavlina

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