New Subjective Reality Video Course

Due to popular demand for more and deeper material on the topic, I’ve added a free 3-part video course on Subjective Reality to the site. You can begin that course here:

Free Subjective Reality Video Course

This course goes deep into the problems and challenges that people experience as they explore Subjective Reality, and it shares solutions as well. Each video covers a different phase of exploration: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

This free course eventually leads to a 4th video, which is an invitation to join our 60-day highly immersive deep dive, which is now open. So if you prefer to go straight to that invite and get the details, you can go directly here:

Submersion Deep Dive

Even if you’re super interested in the deep dive, I encourage you to watch the free course first since it will warm you up to the exploration and help you make a better decision about whether this deep dive is for you.

If you want to go faster, just watch the first 8 minutes of the video at the Submersion link since I share everything up front and then go into more detail.

A Powerful Experience

When you see everything that’s being included in this deep dive, I think you’ll agree it’s going to be an amazingly deep and powerful experience.

Please enjoy the free video course, and if a deeper exploration appeals to you, I invite you to join us for what’s sure to be a fascinating journey. As we did with the Deep Abundance Integration course, I’ll be co-creating this experience with the participants who go through it in December and January. After that everything will be completely created for it, and we’ll continue to offer the recordings for many years to come.

I’ve already published the first 12 Submersion lessons (out of 60) to get things off to a strong start, and you can access all of those as soon as you join. So the first 20% of the course is ready for you to dive into right away, and we’ll be co-creating the next 80% based on your feedback as we go along.

Please share this with anyone you know who might appreciate a deeper exploration of Subjective Reality.

I’m excited to see what we create together!

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