Recycle your gift and Christmas cards

An easy way to get rid of your holiday cards, is to scan them. That way I have them them on my computer without the mess. My scanner has already saved me heaps of space in my flat. And scanners are dirt cheep too, but if you do not own one, you can always take a close-up photograph of the card too.

I then use a pair of scissors to cut out the front part, and trashing the writing part (that is already in the computer). The nice picture can then be used for holiday greeting post cards or to/from tags for presents. If a really nice one comes along, you could frame it, saving the money getting some other art for the frame.

This way I’m saving money and get rid of stuff. I desperately want to own less stuff, and so far my trusty scanner has been a key element in achieving my goal.

Have a happy and frugal 2008!

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