Quit using fireworks and save big

I was at this new years party, where some of the others has invested in a lot of fireworks. One of the pieces made me think. Fireworks are not necessary nor frugal. This one piece of fireworks was retailing at about $100 and 30 seconds after lighting it, it was all gone. “Was that it?…”

New Year is all about fun and celebration and having a great time. Fireworks is unsuitable for young children, and I strongly recommend that you do not bring buggies or pushchairs with you to any fireworks event. When you think about it, fireworks is not suited for anyone and is often quite dangerous.

Where I live, no garbage can has survived the illegal fireworks being lit and dumped into them. This stupid sport cost the local authoritys thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Save money, your eyes and your limbs by not using fireworks now or ever. Enjoy all the fireworks being used by all your neighbours. The lovely part is that you see the fireworks but do not have to pay the bill.

Have a safe 2008.

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