The Gods of This Day

By Leo Babauta

This morning my son Seth woke up, gave me my morning hug, and then I told him that he and I are gods.

We’re the Gods of This Day, and we have the power to make today one of the most amazing days ever.

We don’t have unlimited power, but we have great influence. To make today amazing, we need to:

Choose activities we love, or turn ordinary things into amazing activities. Really pay attention to each activity, and really appreciate its amazingness.

Or, we could just let today be ordinary and not care. We chose to care.

So we spent about 20 minutes thinking out what we could do today to make it incredible, and we came up with:

Breakfast: Pancakes (Noelle is going to make them) Read Harry Potter together The Gods & House-elves Great Cleaning Race (we are supposed to clean house a bit, so we’re turning it into a game) Lunch: Home-made pizza (I’ll make the dough, Seth makes the toppings) Ride bikes Play in the park Play chess Read our novels (I’m reading American Gods, Seth is reading Candy Shop War) Write / program (I’ll write, Seth programs on Scratch) Dinner: Teriyaki tofu stir-fy Evening: watch our favorite TV shows on our projector

The day will probably not go exactly as planned, so we’ll have to be flexible, but I love that we spent some time imagining a great day that’s within our power to create.

And as we go through today, the entire day will be an exercise in mindfulness and gratitude/appreciation.

Not every day can be planned — usually we have to take what comes, or we have constraints to work within. That’s OK, but as the Gods of This Day, we still have the power to make it amazing.

As a fellow God of This Day, what will you do with your power?

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