things I do have instead

After I wrote my last post, things I don’t have that many do, someone asked, “What do you have that most people don’t?”

It was a good question. I cut out a lot of what I found to be unnecessary (for me) to make room for what I find to be more important.

So what do I have instead? Honestly, what I have isn’t that uncommon, but here goes:

leisure time space in my home time to read, meditate, exercise time to write every day time for my beautiful family time for close friends time to walk places (instead of drive) freedom from car maintenance, car breakdowns, traffic time to cook simple, healthy meals the luxury of not worrying what time it is most of the time disconnectedness when I’m away from home fewer distractions even when I’m connected my health less worry a very light packing list worry-free finances a business I’m proud of wonderful readers

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