Visualizing Energy Flows

Visualizing your goals can be helpful, but don’t limit your visualizations to the same types of scenes you’re accustomed to seeing with your eyes. Your mind is a lot more powerful than your eyeballs.

Note also that your visual cortex is only about 0.5% of your brain. Consider what more is possible if you could invite yourself to visualize with some of the other 99.5% – which may have capabilities extending far beyond what the visual cortex can do. Your computer is more than just a webcam and a screen.

I often find it more powerful and effective to visualize energy flows instead of actual scenes I might experience in everyday life. Sometimes picturing the flow of energy feels more dynamic and interesting than what I might actually see with my eyes when a particular desire shows up.

Take money, for instance. If you imagine more money coming to you, what does that look like when you see it with your eyes? Maybe someone hands you a check. Perhaps a new deposit shows up in your bank account. As far as visualizations go, these are pretty dull scenes to imagine, aren’t they?

Are you really shifting much energy if you visualize what you want, but you do so by picturing drab scenes that aren’t particularly exciting? What if that type of visualization is too weak to activate the real energy flows – and the physical results – you’re intending? Personally I think it can indeed be too weak.

What’s the alternative? Don’t limit yourself to visualizing scenes that you’d see with your eyes. Your ability to visualize is more powerful than that. You can visualize pure energy flows in more imaginative ways. You can visualize in such a way that you feel the alignment with an intention more deeply.

Consider music visualization software that displays interesting patterns of colored lights to match the flow of the music. Or imagine a music video, which is another way to visualize a song. The song’s lyrics could be pretty mundane, but the video of that song could still be lively and fun to watch. But also notice that something is missing if you just watch the video with the sound muted.

Lately I’ve been doing visualizations of energy flows that look like organic structures, like trees and plants made of animated light branching out in different directions. It reminds me of the visualizations I saw during my ayahuasca experiences last year except that now I have a greater ability to direct and manage what I see and experience.

I’ve gotten better at balancing the way I communicate through these visualizations, combining sensing and reading with intending and altering. It like my own will is learning to dance with what I’m seeing. I can’t overpower what I see and force it to go where it doesn’t naturally want to go, but I can coax and suggest where and how I’d like the energy to flow next. I can sense its potential and nudge it to flow somewhere interesting.

I especially love the connection between the visualizations I experience and how I feel about certain areas of life. I can pick some part of life, such as money or friendships, and I can ask my mind (or reality) to show me what it looks like in terms of organic energy structures and flows. A scene then begins to emerge.

Sometimes the scene feels multi-dimensional, like rooms filled with different structures which are all parts of the same whole, yet imagined in overlapping 3D spaces. I think one reason that I imagine energy structures like this is that they span across time, but to picture them outside of time, they have to be at least 4D. And sometimes it feels like there’s more happening that might indicate 5D or higher structures.

Okay perhaps that sounds a bit over-the-top if you’re not used to visualizing this way. In that case just start by inviting your mind to show you the energy structures and flows regarding some area of your life, like money, relationships, business, career, health, etc. Give your mind some space to bring these visualizations to you. Don’t try to force yourself to picture anything.

I find that this works best when my mind is relaxed and receptive but also awake and alert. Yesterday I fell into some delightfully clear visualizations after a long meditation session. This morning I picked up where I left off while relaxing on a covered patio as a thunderstorm was brewing nearby. Both times it feels like having a conscious conversation with reality, not with words but with psychedelic visualizations of dancing energy.

I see these visualizations as a deeper form of communication with reality. First I can read the energy structures that are present. And then I can deliberately try to shift those patterns in new directions, as if to convey my intentions and desires to reality itself. For instance, if I want an area of my life to grow and expand, I can imagine the plant-like energy structures branching out in different directions, like a tree growing. Or I can imagine more brightly colored light flowing through the branches. If I want an area to contract, I can imagine energy withdrawing as branches wither and contract – this frees up energy to flow elsewhere.

I can also sense where the blocks and obstacles are, and I can push fresh energy through those areas to clear them out, like a tree pushing its roots deeper into the soil even as it meets some resistance.

I can notice where the energy is stuck and stagnant, and I can coax it to start flowing again. One way I like to do this is by imagining a tornado sweeping through this stuck areas, creating swirling patterns in the energy to reinvigorate it with movement.

I especially notice how different visualizations change how I feel. By the time I’m done, I generally feel lighter and happier, like I’ve somehow improved or upgraded my relationship with reality.

Have you every done such experimentation? If not, I encourage you to give this a try. You don’t have to fully understand it to test it. See how it feels. Trust what your mind shows you. And also see if this form of communication creates shifts in the outer events you experience. It might even blow your mind when you see how effective it can be. 😉

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Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the web site and the book Personal Development for Smart People.

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