Why Simple Frugality is for me

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Simple frugality appeals to me because it deals with many of the issues we deal with in our daily life. You should only acquire and own what you need and love.

Simple frugality is the enemy of clutter

A couple of year ago I began my quest to own less stuff. I am not as extreme as the guy wanting to down to a mere 100 things like a guy named Dave.

I have set two simple rules:

  1. One thing in, one thing out

  2. One less thing every week

Rule 1: One thing in, one thing out

I have had a lot of clutter in my house, and I still have more than I want. My simple rules have made it more easy to handle the de-cluttering. Every time I bring something home, I know that I have to remove something else that in a sense is being replaced. In this manner I keep status quo without a lot of effort.

Rule 2: One less thing every week

One less thing every week is also simple. I need to get rid of a thing every week. A couple of weeks ago I got rid of of a fine selection consisting of 400 cartoons. The rule is still one less thing every week so the cartoons only refer to that particular week. The next week I still need to find yet another thing to get rid of.

Simple frugality is a good way to generate less waste

If you do not bring things home, you will not need the throw away things either. The less you have, the better use you make use for it. Way too often I have seen filled fridges with items long forgotten and spoiled food in the back. If you have so many things that you forget about individual items, you have too much. The key here is not to let more clutter enter your house.

I can see the results of less clutter all the time

  • Time not wasted looking for that item in a pile or stack

  • Peace of mind – no more thinking about things you need to buy, store, safe keep nor repair

  • Money saved that is not spent impulsively on even more things

  • Less waste

I am not where I want to be yet, but I am getting there. My two simple rules are easy to follow. When a system is easy to follow, it has a better chance of being a success.

Remember to keep it simple.

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