Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with a Podcast

Book by Seth Greene

This book lives up to its title. This is truly the ultimate guide. At least when it comes to growing a business. It may miss some details; for example, what equipment to use (although I didn’t really pay attention to that, it may as well contain those details), but when it comes to business and podcasts, it is very thorough.

I’ve just reviewed my book’s highlights, like I do before writing any review, and seriously, I couldn’t find any CONS of this book. It is well written, reasonably concise and absolutely comprehensive around the subject of leveraging podcasts for business. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the…


1. Great Business Lessons.

The first section of the book is not about podcasting. It’s about your business. If you approach this world without clarity about your business, your target audience, and what you want to achieve, you set yourself up for a failure.

Thus, Seth sets you up for a success. He provides a load of insightful questions which will help you to get clarity.

But business lessons don’t end with the first section. This is a book written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It’s filled with useful gems, and I’ll instance a few in the Highlights section.

2. Podcasting from A to Z.

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with a Podcast covers everything:
-the preparatory stage of narrowing down your target audience,
-the technical aspects of creating (and running a podcast),
-what to do as a podcast host (including getting the right guests),
-what to do as a podcast guest (including getting on the right shows),
-marketing aspects of being a podcast host and guest,
-and everything in between.

If you want to grow your business with a podcast, you will find all the answers in this book. So, it’s valuable for every entrepreneur – those who already have their podcasts and want to up their game, those who want to start a podcast, and those who want to be a guest to leverage podcasts’ audiences.

3. Well Written.

For a business book, that is. Don’t expect to be mesmerized. But it flows nicely, and the caliber of the contributors blew my mind.

Those folks have their own businesses around specific aspects of podcasting. Their expertise nicely shines through.

4. My Highlights.

A system stands for: Saves You Serious Time, Energy and Money.

Amen to that! Witty. I’m going to steal that one.

There are only three ways to grow a business: Get more customers (marketing). Get your customers to buy more at higher prices (price elasticity). Get your customers to buy more often (frequency).

Such a simplicity about such a complex subject. It cuts through the noise.

The right mentor is the person who’s currently where you want to be in this world.

More of a personal development wisdom, but I’m a personal development junkie. Very aptly said.

Anyone who says doing a podcast is easy has either never done it or never done it well.

Ha! I’ve been smart enough not to start my own podcast exactly because of this reason. However, I gained a lot from this book from the guest’s perspective.


Do you have anything to do with business and podcasts? Buy and read The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Business with a Podcast. This is a no-brainer.

Whether you want to up your game, start a podcast or do a podcast tour as a guest, this book will teach you what you need to know.

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