Tiny Habits Book Review

This book is VERY good. One of the best nonfiction books I’ve ever read (I’ve lost count, probably over 1,000 books). It doesn’t change the fact that there are some cons, and as usual, I’ll start with them. CONS 1. The Flaw The main con of the book is a piece of absolute, utter hogwash […]

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Toolkit for Caregivers Book Review

I read this book because I sometimes read books totally outside of my field of interest. I like to broaden my horizons. And you never know—my parents are over 65 now. So, I didn’t read Toolkit for Caregivers to solve my immediate problems and needs. I read it as a book. And it’s a good […]

Weight Loss Mastery Book Review

This is a very solid book written by a couple of practitioners. The content and flow are perfect. The only cons of the book are not in the book, but rather what was left out. CONS 1. The elephant in the room. I kept reading the book and felt a huge omission. The authors ideally […]

Atomic Habits Book Review

Atomic Habits is a very good book. The author’s experience shines through the pages. It has a few minor weak points, but overall it’s amazing.       Traditionally, let’s start from the (minor) CONS 1. Not enough respect for the power of mind. James Clear considers the environment the biggest determinant of habits. And […]

Writing Down Your Soul book review

This is a very good book about the power of journaling. It has some weaknesses, I found a few chapters very out of place in “Writing Your Soul Down,“ they seemed inserted there just for the sake of making the book longer (like the whole chapter about different names of God). But the actual core […]

“Resurrecting the Street” Book Review

I found this book to be a fascinating case study about human nature. Oh yes, this is the story about financial instruments and a big business catastrophe, and the author tried to explain the complex mechanisms of financial instruments in details. I applaud him for efforts, but not for the end results. I studied economy […]

Practice Makes Master – The Talent Code review

Nothing new under the sun, right? Well, yes and no. The ‘practice makes master’ adage was around for centuries. What The Talent Code does with it is takes it to the biological level. And I appreciate that very much.   This book had some downsides and some upsides. Traditionally, let’s start from… CONS 1. Narration. […]

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