Seventy Fifth Income Report – June 2019 ($3,014.7)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report. I started July 2019 strong, continuing my 12-Week Year resolve for Q2 2019. I did almost everything with uploading my manuscripts outside of Amazon in May. I needed to correct a couple of manuscripts that were rejected on different platforms, […]

Seventy Fourth Income Report – May 2019 ($3,130.42)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report. May 2019 was a very busy month for me, but not business-wise. I was busy living my life. The month started with a visit to my mother-in-law. We were back at home by early evening. The very next day, in […]

Atomic Habits Book Review

Atomic Habits is a very good book. The author’s experience shines through the pages. It has a few minor weak points, but overall it’s amazing.       Traditionally, let’s start from the (minor) CONS 1. Not enough respect for the power of mind. James Clear considers the environment the biggest determinant of habits. And […]

The Slight Edge Report Year Seven

On the business & career side of things, the last year has been the most impactful since I started my transformation. And business is like litmus paper, like a visible top of an iceberg that indicates the scale of everything else that changed, so I’ll start with reporting my business progress.   August and September […]

Writing Down Your Soul book review

This is a very good book about the power of journaling. It has some weaknesses, I found a few chapters very out of place in “Writing Your Soul Down,“ they seemed inserted there just for the sake of making the book longer (like the whole chapter about different names of God). But the actual core […]

The 7 Podcasts I’m Listening to Regularly

 There is a plethora of podcasts out there, but there are only 7 podcasts that I subscribe to on my iPhone. I’ll tell you why those specific shows are part of my personal space and I’ll finish with 6 podcast episodes that were mind-blowing for me.   I consider listening the best way to connect […]

Seventy Third Income Report – April 2019 ($1,515.06)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report. April 2019 started with a bang, but then it slid down. I did poorly with my previous 12Week Year and I was determined to do better this time. However, I was also discouraged and frustrated because I didn’t hit my […]

“Resurrecting the Street” Book Review

I found this book to be a fascinating case study about human nature. Oh yes, this is the story about financial instruments and a big business catastrophe, and the author tried to explain the complex mechanisms of financial instruments in details. I applaud him for efforts, but not for the end results. I studied economy […]

What Kind of Habits Can You Develop in 21 Days?

The only study I ever found on the time of developing a habit concluded it takes from 18 to 254 days and in 50% of cases, it’s longer than 66 days. So, developing a habit in 21 days is not an easy feat. Repetitions The research I mentioned was about daily habits. Participants were performing […]