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Case Studies of 7-Figure, Heart-Centered Businesses

Here’s a nice chance to see some real-world case studies of people who’ve actually built 7-figure, heart-centered businesses (i.e. businesses that earn more than $1 million per year and contribute to making the world a better place).

Ocean Robbins, Sage Lavine, and Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson have all built such businesses from scratch with the help of business coach Ryan Eliason. In these case studies, they share their stories and describe how they did it.

The case studies are in video form (only 20 minutes), and you can watch them for free. You don’t have to opt-in to anything to view them. Just head on over and watch. I think you’ll find it inspiring to see how people are successfully balancing heart alignment and income generation.

Here’s the link: Case Studies of Modern Revolutionaries

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