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Deep Abundance Integration Ebook Version Fully Published

Volume 3 of the Ebook version of the Deep Abundance Integration course is now published to that course’s portal. All DAI participants will find a link to this bonus on the course’s Gifts page, so you can download it now or read it online. It’s yours to keep.

This new volume covers lessons 21-30, and it’s 134 pages. This completes the DAI ebook series, so now there’s an ebook version of the entire course – all 30 lessons presented in 30 chapters. Yay!

The ebook version isn’t sold separately. It’s included as a free bonus for those who take the DAI course, which you can still buy and enjoy today.

Based on the feedback I’ve received since delivering the live version of this course almost two years ago, it’s been wonderful to hear how impactful it’s been for the hundreds of people who’ve completed it.

This is a time when the ideas from DAI are of special relevance. It’s so easy to succumb to temptations to turn towards scarcity, fear, anger, or worry this year. Yet you still have a choice in the meaning you assign to events; turning against reality is optional and self-defeating.

I can say that personally, this year has actually been my best ever abundance-wise, including creatively and financially. It’s been an especially critical year to deliberately practice the mindsets, frames, and tools that we covered extensively in DAI, whereby adversity is framed as an invitation to strengthen one’s relationship with life. Instead of resisting life’s challenges during this time, it’s more important than ever to see such challenges as opportunities to invest in deeper trust, alignment, and flow. This year is a prime opportunity to put those ideas to the test.

This is a truly great year to challenge yourself – to flow your energy where you want it to go instead of being sucked into partial matches. It’s an invitation to go deeper into boldness and trust.

One especially powerful frame is to imagine being your future self 10 years from now, looking back on this year. How will you have wished you handled yourself during this time? How will you want to remember 2020 when it’s 2030, especially if you’ve been facing adversity or loss during this time? There’s still half a year to go in 2020, which is plenty of time to consciously shift directions if desired.

Don’t write this year off and consign it to the recycle bin. You can be way more creative than that. There’s still plenty of time to transform 2020 into one of the best years of your life, one that you’ll cherish instead of regret. The key is to choose carefully the meanings you assign to events, so they create empowering options and invitations for your story instead of running you into walls. DAI covers this practice – and many more – in great detail.

If you haven’t done the Deep Abundance Integration course yet, do yourself a favor and sign up for it, like hundreds of other readers have already done. DAI has changed many lives, and I continue to receive grateful stories of the ripples it’s creating. Many people have finished the entire course multiple times already, and it’s designed to be timeless.

This is an especially good year to complete (or repeat) the course, as many previous participants have verified. Deep Abundance Integration is an invitation to reconnect with the energy and experience of abundance, which is always available to you.

Hugs! 🙂

Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the web site stevepavlina.com and the book Personal Development for Smart People.

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