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Infinite Man Summit – London

I’ll be speaking at the Infinite Man Summit in London, September 16-18, 2016. If you’re a man looking to take your lifestyle to the next level, I encourage you to attend. This summit has many inspiring speakers, some of whom I’ve known for years. Follow the link above to see the full lineup.

The 3-day summit covers lifestyle design, health, detox, dating, relationships, social courage, life purpose, finding your passion, entrepreneurship, being a digital nomad, and more. This is a great way to push yourself and bask in a positive and supportive environment of people who won’t settle. From what I’ve heard, there will be 100+ people attending.

Because this event looks to be wonderfully transformational, I’m not just speaking there – I’m going to attend the whole event as well.

If you’d like to attend, I can offer you a major discount too. Use the promo code deluxe16 at checkout for a deluxe ticket, and you’ll get it for only £97. That’s a terrific deal for such an event.

If the Infinite Man Summit looks good to you, please visit the site, check it out, and sign up. And remember to use the discount code deluxe16 when you check out.

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