LinkedIn Riches Book Review

LinkedIn Riches Book ReviewThis is a very solid book. To the point, well written, containing useful information and just enough examples to make the information applicable. Seriously, there is nothing to nitpick on. But you know me, I’ll always find something. So, there is one…


I didn’t take action after reading the book. I still don’t have a LinkedIn account. I knew what to do; everything was crystal clear. I just didn’t take action.

Of course, blaming the author for my laziness is irresponsible. Well, welcome to the 21st century and the world of social media drama queens.

I hoped this book would push me over the fence and I’d finally do something on LinkedIn.

It didn’t.

Apart from my extreme laziness, the whole book is gold. Let’s gloss over all those…


1. Content.

A few months ago, we had a LinkedIn expert in my mastermind. His and John’s content overlapped by at least 90%. Apparently, they both know what they are talking about.

Also, I loved how well LinkedIn Riches was laid out. There is a process to it. First, you build a killer profile, then you figure out other elements, and reaching out is the last step. Oh, wait, nope! The last step is to keep reaching out and keep the connections alive.

2. Authenticity.

Making connections is all about being a human. Not a director. Not a CEO. Not a stiffy Corpo douchebag. A human.

John illustrated this perfectly, sprinkling personal stories and family photos throughout the book.

And some of those stories were piercing to the core of a soul. Dealing with childhood abuse later in life? It’s not a chit-chat matter. This is the level of authenticity you need to be ready to demonstrate in order to be perceived as a human being.

Hats off, John. Well done!

3. Personal Approach.

This is what we lack in today’s automated world, and this is what the author of LinkedIn Riches teaches. Well, maybe not entirely “personal.” Whenever you serve more than a few hundred people, it’s impossible to get at the personal level with each of them. I have over 4,000 readers on my email list; I just cannot spend even 10 minutes a month with each.

However, John teaches how you can make your communication personalized. It is the tiny bit that makes all the difference. Which he proves with a few impressive stories.

4. Stories.

This is another strong point of the book. The author doesn’t just dispassionately provide a step-by-step plan. He illustrates each step and principle with stories coming mostly from his experience.

That’s a great teaching technique. We are wired to pay attention to stories, not just dry facts.

5. Fishing for Big Fishes.

John provides an excellent system to get on the radar of high-profile folks. At this age, everybody can reach anybody. It’s not a feel-good slogan.

In December, I reached out to a millionaire and a serial entrepreneur. 15 minutes later, we were on a call. He said to me: “I’d say ‘no’ to 99.99% of people, but not you.”

How did it happen? I used exactly the same techniques John talks about in LinkedIn Riches. In my case, I had been showing up for months on that guy’s blog and commented on each and every post of his. It was enough for me to build a rapport with him.

And if you have something tangible to offer, like John and his profile-rewriting service? It’s easy!

6. It’s a Book.

Say what? Why is this even one of the pros?

I love learning from books. I hate learning from audio or video. That call in my mastermind with a LinkedIn expert? It was great, but I retained almost nothing from it.

I would refer to LinkedIn Riches whenever I finally decide to pull the trigger and create my LinkedIn profile. That will be THE resource for me, like 66 Ways to Sell More Nonfiction Books was for setting up my book business.


This is a great book. For just 99 cents, it’s a steal! Especially, if you have some kind of existing offering and your niche already figured out, you should get your first client on LinkedIn within a week.

I vote for the general approach. I vote for the excellent advice. And I enjoyed the read.

P.S. A couple of months after reading LinkedIn Riches, I pulled the trigger and created a half-decent profile in a few days. And I already landed my first customer.

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