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New 2016 Workshops Coming Soon

We’re in the process of booking four more personal growth workshops for 2016. All of these will be three-day events (Fri-Sun) in Las Vegas.

The dates will be:

  • Jul 29-31
  • Aug 19-21
  • Oct 14-16
  • Oct 21-23

We’re trying an experiment this time by doing two workshops on back-to-back weekends in October, so if people want to, they can travel to Vegas once and attend two different workshops on the same trip. We’re also looking to plan some optional social activities for the four days in between those workshops, so people can enjoy a full 10-day personal growth immersion.

Workshop Topics

The topics for the workshops are still to be determined.

First, we have the option of repeating any of our past workshops. These include:

  • Conscious Growth Workshop – Our first workshop based on the seven fundamentals of personal growth. We ran this one six times from Oct 2009 to Sep 2011.
  • Subjective Reality Workshop – Exploring the nature of reality and using the subjective lens. Run once in Oct 2011.
  • Conscious Success Workshop – Goal setting, success, and achievement. Run once in Jan 2012.
  • Conscious Relationships Workshop – Relationships and social skills. Run once in Feb 2012.
  • Conscious Life Workshop – Our most popular workshop so far, on the topic of lifestyle design. Run once in Aug 2014.
  • Conscious Heart Workshop – An inspired and spontaneous workshop with no set theme or topic, going with the flow of inspired ideas and audience input all the way through. One of our smaller workshops but also the highest rated by attendees for its transformational impact. Run once in May 2015.

I never run a workshop twice the same way, so even if we repeated one or more previous workshops, I’ll undoubtedly update and improve them.

We also have some ideas for new workshops based on suggestions from past attendees, which include the following:

  • Abundance Workshop – Creating abundance, overcoming scarcity, and using the law of attraction.
  • Entrepreneurship Workshop – Starting and growing a small business, business skills, integrating business and lifestyle design.
  • Vegan Workshop – A workshop for vegans and people leaning towards veganism to explore personal growth challenges that are unique to vegans, including vegan lifestyle design, vegan relationships, and vegan travel.
  • Conscious Mind Workshop – Improving your focus and mental clarity, building self-discipline, developing stronger mental skills.
  • Spirituality Workshop – Exploring your spiritual path, spiritual centeredness, life purpose, developing your character.
  • Sexuality Workshop – Conscious sexuality, finding compatible partners, overcoming sexual blocks, and sexy lifestyle design.

Other topics are possible, but these are the main ideas being considered for 2016 and 2017. Note that these new workshops are just ideas at the moment. They haven’t been developed into actual workshops yet, but they could be if there’s enough interest.

If you’re interested in attending a workshop in Las Vegas this year and you’d like to share your input on which topics we should choose, please take a few minutes to do the workshop survey if you haven’t already done so. It’s easy! You can also suggest ideas not already listed above.

We’ll probably open registrations for all four workshops in about a month. Same price as always: $497 for the early bird registration, then $597 if registering less than 30 days before a workshop. Typically about 80% of attendees register at the early bird price.

These events are always a lot of fun, and they’re good at planting seeds that create long-term transformational effects. I continue to receive feedback from people who’ve attended workshops several years ago and are still being positively affected by them. I’m affected by them too, which is one reason I want to keep doing more of them. :)

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