New 2016 Workshops – Registration Open

I’m delighted to announce that registration is now open for all of our 2016 workshops. We’re doing four workshops this year, and the topics are abundance, mental development, lifestyle design, and entrepreneurship.

See the Events page (or keep reading) for a quick overview of each workshop.

Conscious Abundance Workshop
July 29 – 31, 2016

This was the most requested workshop from readers. The Conscious Abundance Workshop is intended to help you shift from scarcity to abundance — to reach your own personal tipping point. When you’re in scarcity, so much of your energy is tied up in wanting and needing. When you flip to abundance, your energy shifts to experiencing, appreciating, creating, and enjoying.

Conscious Mind Workshop
August 19 – 21, 2016

At the Conscious Mind Workshop, you’ll spend three stimulating days sculpting your mind into a stronger, more consistent, and more intelligent ally on your path of growth. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of how your mind has been trained by past experience and how you can retrain your mind for better performance and greater cognitive harmony. In fact, we’re going to do some of this retraining at the workshop itself.

Conscious Life Workshop
October 14 – 16, 2016

At the powerful and transformational Conscious Life Workshop, you’ll explore and discover how to make your path with a heart financially sustainable. Learn how to center your life around doing what you love while you generate abundant income from your interests to fuel your desired lifestyle.

Conscious Entrepreneur Workshop
October 21 – 23, 2016

The Conscious Entrepreneur Workshop is designed to help you start your own successful business, to make it profitable, and to enjoy what you’ve created. This workshop blends inspiration and motivation with the practical, how-to details that new entrepreneurs crave.

About the New Workshops

A few months ago, I did a survey to determine which workshop topics were of the greatest interest to readers who are interested in going to live events. The 2016 workshops are based on the four most requested topics.

The Conscious Life Workshop is an updated version of the same workshop we ran in August 2014. That was our most popular workshop ever, and we’ve had many requests to repeat it, so we’re running it a second time this year. The other three workshops are all new.

Every workshop runs from a Friday to a Sunday, and they’re all in Las Vegas.

We’ve booked a new venue for these events — a really cool space in Downtown Vegas that used to be a nightclub. In fact, we’ll have the whole building to ourselves, which gives us a lot of flexibility. This venue is less than a block from the Container Park, a popular hangout spot for attendees of our 2014 and 2015 events. It’s also within easy walking distance of many restaurants, including vegan and raw options.

Note that the last two workshops are on back-to-back weekends in October. This is a new idea we’re trying that gives you the opportunity to attend two related workshops in a row, so you can transform your lifestyle on one weekend and then learn how to fuel that shift with your own business on the following weekend. We’ll also be arranging some fun social activities for the four days between those two events. We’ll provide more details on the social activities as we get closer to those dates.

You can register for as many workshops as you like. Go to one, two, three, or all four. I’ve already heard that some people intend to sign up for multiple events.

These workshops won’t be streamed or recorded. These are real growth experiences with real people, real activities, and real hugs — in person, face to face, in the same room together. 🙂

Early Bird Discounts – Save $100 on Each Event

I want to keep these workshops very affordable, so the pricing is the same as it’s been since 2009.

Every workshop is currently discounted by $100 for the early bird registration period, so right now each one is just $497 instead of the regular price of $597.

Each workshop has a different early registration period, with the dates marked clearly on each workshop’s web page just below the “Register Now” button. The early registration period for the first workshop (Abundance) goes through July 11th, so you have just under two weeks to save $100 on that one.

Usually the early registration period goes up to 30 days before the event. But since I’ve opened registrations later than usual this time, I’ve extended the discount period for the first two events.

New Registration Options: Amazon and Bitcoin

The reason I’ve opened registrations later than usual this time — the first workshop is only a month away — is that I was busy setting up a new registration system to make the sign-up process even easier and to give you more options.

There are twice as many payment options available now, so you can register by credit card, PayPal, your Amazon account, or Bitcoin. Yes, you can actually use your Bitcoins to register for any new workshop. 🙂

You can also register for multiple workshops at the same time if you so desire. Just click the “Register Now” button on any workshop page, and you’ll have the option to add other events as well. If you’re bringing a significant other, it’s easy to add extra tickets just by changing the quantities.

You can optionally save your info to an account too, so if you come back to register for a future event at another time, it will be even easier for you.

Hotel Discounts – Save 20%

We’ve also arranged 20% discounts with three nearby hotels, all of which are within an easy 5-minute walk from the venue. When you sign up for a workshop, you’ll receive an email with those details and the discount codes.

Free Bonuses

A few years ago, I put together a package of free bonuses for attendees of the Conscious Growth Workshop. These bonuses are designed to be helpful for attendees of all workshops, but I’ve made them available free to everyone, whether or not you register for a workshop. See the Workshop Bonuses page to download them.

Lots of Hugs

As anyone who’s been to a past workshop can easily affirm, these events are warm, friendly, social, caring, and connected experiences. We really work together as a team to help each other create positive transformations in our lives.

Ann, Kevin, and Rachelle will be helping us again this year to make sure everything runs smoothly, and they all give great hugs!

You’ll probably get several hugs before you even make it to your seat on the first day, including from me. 🙂

Social Bonuses

We’re also going to arrange some optional social activities for people who want to spend more time hanging out together before and/or after the workshops. In the past these have included pre-workshop meetups on the Thursday night before the event, dinners, ziplining in Downtown Vegas, Trikke tours (three-wheeled motorized vehicles), and more. There’s no extra charge for these, other than paying what you’d normally pay to go out to dinner or pay for a tour, and some hangouts like the pre-workshop meetups are free.

Past attendees have said that half of the value of these workshops comes from the social experiences and the connections with like-minded people that they retain for years afterwards, so we want to do even more to encourage that. Our specialty is helping shy, introverted people feel welcome and make new friends.

Did you know that one couple that met at one of our past workshops is now married? So you might even meet your future spouse at a workshop this year. 🙂


If you have any questions about the workshops, feel free to send me a message through the contact form. It goes straight to me.

Be sure to check out the Workshop FAQ as well — it has lots of answers and extra tips to make your time in Vegas more enjoyable and to help you plan your trip.

I hope you’ll join us for at least one event this year — they’re going to be a lot of fun! 🙂

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