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New Stature Launch Group on Facebook

Today we created a new Facebook group for the upcoming Stature course launch, which begins on January 1st. Everyone who’s interested in sculpting and improving their characters for the New Year is welcome to join now!

Just visit the group, request to join, and we’ll approve you ASAP.

You’re welcome to invite friends, colleagues, and anyone else to join as well – as long as they have a keen interest in personal growth.

The intention is to make this launch more social and fun by providing a place where my blog readers, previous course participants, and other growth-oriented people can connect. Rachelle and I will both be active in the group as well.

Let’s make it a big party!

As we go through the launch (January 1-8), I may do some Facebook Lives there as well (i.e. live interactive video chats). I’ve never done a single Facebook Live before, so that will be a first for me.

Just note that this group is temporary, so it will be closed and archived after the launch is complete.

While the new course will be available indefinitely after the launch, there will be a substantial discount during the launch week. 🙂

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