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Speed Upgrades

You may have noticed that pages on StevePavlina.com are loading faster than before. That’s because I switched to a different web host yesterday.

This site was previously hosted on Siteground since 2016. I was happy with Siteground in the beginning, but I feel they’ve been going downhill for the past year or so, and there’s been a lot of talk about them in the web hosting circles to confirm this. They were good while they lasted, but I’d rather jump ship before Siteground gets any worse. There are too many signs and confirmations that they’ve been reducing the quality of their service and support. It used to be top notch, but lately it’s been disappointing. I keep finding new bugs in their control panel as well.

After some research I picked Cloudways as my new web host, mainly because they’re often the top recommendation in web hosting circles these days. I’m loving them so far – excellent support so far, great features, and I’m paying significantly less than I was with Siteground. Migrating this website can be complex, and they made it relatively painless.

I especially love that the TTFB (time to first byte) for my new server is around 140ms – that’s way faster than Siteground’s relatively sluggish response time.

This improvement should be especially pleasing for course customers and Conscious Growth Club members since it will make the membership portal pages load much faster too.

Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the web site stevepavlina.com and the book Personal Development for Smart People.

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