Think a Thought You’ve Never Thought of Before

While you can regard thoughts as arising from within you, it’s interesting to view thoughts as transmissions that come to you, like waves of energy that create eddies within your consciousness. Perhaps consciousness is like an antenna that can tune into different frequencies of thoughts and translate them into forms you can perceive and understand.

With this model it makes little sense to feel responsible for the thoughts you perceive because those thoughts aren’t really coming from within you. You’re able to perceive them, but that doesn’t mean that you’re generating them from within.

Any equipment that can detect transmissions has limitations: a limited range of frequencies and a limited way to translate those transmissions into information. For example, a radio can detect radio waves within a certain spectral range, and it can translate those waves into sound. But the actual electromagnetic spectrum is much more vast than what a radio can detect. The EM spectrum is full of many more types of data transmissions, and its spectral range is much broader than radio waves alone.

What if your conscious mind is much like a radio, limited to detecting only a thin range of thoughts relative to what the thought spectrum can actually handle?

What if you could flex your personal antenna either to extend its frequency range or to translate different types of transmission packets than you’re accustomed to? This would mean that you could perceive (or think) thoughts outside of your usual spectral range. You would thereby expand your ability to think in new directions, breaking through your previous limitations. You’d be able to think thoughts unlike any you’ve thought before.

This could be of great practical value. It could mean sensing ideas that would solve problems you could never solve before, or perhaps you could solve current problems more efficiently. You could come up with a wider array of creative ideas. If you could access a greater variety of thoughts, it stands to reason that some of those new thoughts would be more useful and effective than your previous thoughts.

This would also require some willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. You’d have to want to stretch beyond your familiar zone of thoughts. It could feel scary to invite thoughts that are unlike any you’ve had before. Could you handle inviting some thoughts that feel so unfamiliar as to have an alien quality to them?

Why not try it though – as a thought experiment? Why not ask your mind to at least make the attempt?

Ask your mind to stretch its perceptual range. Ask your mind to listen for unfamiliar, alien-feeling thoughts and bring them to your conscious awareness. If your mind keep generating familiar thoughts, just relax, and ask it to try again.

Invite your mind to experience some truly unique thoughts, not by creatively generating them from within, but by stretching yourself to listen beyond your normal spectral range. See what happens.

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Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the web site and the book Personal Development for Smart People.

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