Top 20 Motivation Hacks – #16

Quick intro: I first intended this Top 20 list to be in a single post, but I decided that breaking them into separate posts would allow me to concentrate on each a little more. So, I present my list of the Top 20 Motivation Hacks.

A number of people have commented that I must be dedicated to achieve some of the goals I’m going for: exercise, frugality, organization, healthy eating, etc. Well, I don’t believe in someone being naturally “dedicated” … it’s all a matter of motivation. You can achieve anything if you motivate yourself enough.

Motivation Hack #16: Get a workout partner or goal buddy.

Staying motivated on your own is tough. But if you find someone with similar goals (running, dieting, finances, etc.), see if they’d like to partner with you. Or partner with your spouse, sibling or best friend on whatever goals they’re trying to achieve. You don’t have to be going after the same goals — as long as you are both pushing and encouraging each other to succeed.

For example, my wife and I became goal buddies. We each set our top goals for the year, and we have weekly meetings to set our monthly goals, to set weekly goals, and to review our progress for the past week (or for the past month, at the end of each month). We continually remind, encourage, push and reward each other. It can be a fun way to stay on track.

I also have a workout partner. While I run with my wife most of the time, I also swim and bike with a friend of mine named Patrick. We’re both beginner swimmers, so it’s good to have someone at my level. He’s a more experienced cyclist, which is cool because he can teach me the basics as we ride.

Having a workout partner or a goal buddy is a great idea because you don’t just have yourself to answer to — you have to answer to that other person as well. You’re more likely to stick to your workout or your goal for the week if you have someone to meet. No one likes to stand someone else up or look bad to other people.

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