Your 10-Dimensional Self

If you think of yourself as a complete being outside of time – like a 10-dimensional version of you that has facets in all dimensions and all times simultaneously – it bestows a different perspective on what it means to be you.

Some aspects of you are temporary, perhaps contained within a single decade of your human life. They may sculpt your personality but don’t serve to define you as a timeless being. For instance, I was in Toastmasters for 6 years, but I’m not in Toastmasters today. So I can’t say that the timeless version of me is a Toastmaster in all dimensions and all times.

But I do notice that certain patterns generate tremendous flow in my life, and I sometimes have the sense that these patterns connect with my 10D self along major facets. So if my 10D self were compressed to a 3D cube, these patterns might align with a whole face of that cube or overlap a significant part of its volume, instead of just lightly brushing one of the corners or edges. I might say that my Toastmasters experience was part of an edge at most. It’s a relatively small part of a greater whole.

One of those patterns that connects with a lot more of my 10D self is playfulness. When I make work playful, I experience great flow and productivity. Playfulness makes my social life flow well too, especially as a way to bond with people. And I find it easier to generate income through playful means. So when I simply remember to connect with my playful nature, life works well. If I have an expansive 10D self, then playfulness is probably a significant part of his nature. It’s hard to imagine a version of me that isn’t playful and still have it feel like me.

What’s the practical value in this line of thinking?

From a linear perspective, moving forward through time, this can be hard to see. But when pulling back to a timeless perspective and looking at the totality of existence outside of time, it’s easier to identify some of these big picture patterns – the patterns that look like stitching, weaving through multiple decades of your human life.

Playfulness itself has many facets: exploration, discovery, wonder, engagement, experimentation, action, focus, happiness, accomplishment, friendship, love, sensuality, and more. This stitching shows up in every decade of my life in significant ways, and I have every reason to believe that these patterns will continue as I move forward through time.

By recognizing these stitching patterns, the practical value is that we can remind ourselves to apply them more consciously – because they work for us. But these patterns often work in nonlinear ways. Playfulness, for instance, doesn’t necessarily generate results with a linear flow of cause-and-effect, at least not in a predictable chain that we can easily see. But a playful way of relating to life can generate positive results in many areas of life and across multiple decades.

When we think too linearly, it’s easy to miss these 10D patterns that can be highly beneficial. When we lose sight of how our lives look from a timeless perspective, we become overly time-bound – caged in a way. And we succumb to less intelligent decisions in the here and now. For instance, we may make decisions that create chronic stress for decades to come, but from a timeless perspective we would see this stress stitched into every decade. Same goes for depression.

If you thought of yourself as a 10D timeless being, would you still show up to your current job? Would you remain in your current relationship? Imagine this job or relationship helping to define your timeless self. They’re not temporary; from a 10D perspective they’re always present, like permanent body parts. The only question is how big they’ll be.

You may also find value in asking how your timeless self would solve a particular problem or challenge. How would your 10D self deal with financial pressure or a health challenge?

My 10D self knows that money isn’t a power source. In fact, money is pretty damned weak compared to a 10-dimensional being, barely worth fretting over. Isn’t your 10D self powerful enough to solve any financial issues with relative ease? A 10D being has a lot more creative power than a 3D one. Can you access some of that power? For starters, a 10D being is probably a lot more patient than a 3D one, able to apply long-term solutions that actually work without worrying so much about short-term bruises. A 10D being isn’t overly concerned about the next 3 months and is more considerate of the next 3 decades.

Note that your 10D solutions will often involve reframes that are difficult to grasp from a 3D perspective. These 10D solutions will often seem risky, but risk depends on your time scale. For instance, a 10D perspective may nudge you to drop a misaligned social connection because the next week of adjustment is really nothing compared to the much greater risk of letting that connection drain you for years to come. Similarly, the risk of doing misaligned work for decades is huge compared to the risk of unemployment for a relatively short stretch of time.

If you tolerate a misaligned situation in your life today, you may still be tolerating something similar a week from now… and then a month, a year, a decade, and beyond. If you become a person of delay in 3D linear time, you invite a major degradation of your 10D self as well. Tolerating misalignment today is like chopping off a limb when you extend it to your 10D self.

Another element that can make your 10D self stronger is to weave in some self-love stitching. Love and appreciate your past selves as well as your future selves. Encourage your 10D being to have high self-esteem because all versions of you in time and space contribute to that self. Love yourself as a whole being outside of time. Appreciate the totality of your existence, which is truly wondrous from a 10D perspective.

When pondering decisions in your 3D life today, ask yourself, “Which path would align with my most beautiful 10D self?” Or ask, “What is the perspective of my expansive 10D self here?”

You can even do a journaling session – Q&A style – with your 10D self. Just type questions, and channel the answers from the part of you that feels in tune with all 10 dimensions of you (or however many dimensions you prefer). This can be an especially good tool for inviting fresh insights when solving problems in your 3D life.

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