A Guide to Habit Resilience

By Leo Babauta I’ve coached thousands of people who want to change habits, in my Sea Change Program, and I’ve found there’s a key difference between those who actually make changes and those who don’t. That key difference is what I like to call “habit resilience.” Habit resilience is the ability to bounce back when […]

30 Days of 16/8 Intermittent Fasting

On Sunday I finished a 30-day trial of intermittent fasting, testing the variation where one fasts for 16 hours and eats only during an 8-hour window each day. In this post I’ll share what the experience was like. Of the various 30-day trials I’ve done, this was one of the easiest, especially after the few…

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The Deep Uncertainty of Meaningful Work

By Leo Babauta A man I know wanted to create a non-profit organization that was going to help give people a voice who don’t have that voice in our society. He felt really strongly about this issue, and knew that this would have a big impact on people who he cared deeply about. But he […]


5 Significant Lessons from My Personal Transformation

In the last six years I learned a lot. But I will only share most significant lessons from my personal transformation; the ones that made a huge difference because I actually applied them. I found a lot more of groundbreaking discoveries, but I’m far from using them to the fullest. For example, I learned about […]

The Underestimated Importance of Encouragement in Habit Change

By Leo Babauta When we’re trying to change a habit — whether its exercise or meditation or writing or quitting smoking — there are two key factors whose power most people don’t understand. The two factors are encouragement and discouragement. Let me walk you through an example. Michael wants to change his diet, and so […]

Submersion Playlists Added

The Submersion Playlists bonus is published. All Submersion participants now have access to it in the Submersion portal. There are 15 different playlists to choose from, each containing 8 to 16 of the 60 core lessons. This gives you another way to explore the material, especially when you’d appreciate a refresher in one or more…

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