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Submersion Playlists Added

The Submersion Playlists bonus is published. All Submersion participants now have access to it in the Submersion portal.

There are 15 different playlists to choose from, each containing 8 to 16 of the 60 core lessons. This gives you another way to explore the material, especially when you’d appreciate a refresher in one or more areas after completing the full course.

The last two playlists include the 10 shortest lessons for when you’d love a quickie (most are under 15 minutes), and the longest lessons for when you’re craving a deeper lesson (most are over 35 minutes).

Submersion Playlists

Text transcripts for lessons 1-16 are published too, and transcripts for lessons 17-24 will be added soon. We’ll continue adding more transcripts until all 60 lessons are transcribed from audio to text, so you have multiple ways to engage with the material. And there are several more bonuses to be added as well, including the Submersion Summary Guide and the Subjective Reality Explorer’s Guide. Submersion members will receive these bonuses automatically as soon as they’re ready.

Currently there are 597 people enrolled in Submersion, many of whom have already finished the core 60 lessons, and more continue to join every week, so we’ll be passing 600 soon. I love and appreciate the fascinating feedback that members have been sharing about this unique course, so please keep it coming! 🙂

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