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30 Submersion Lessons Now Published

Today I recorded and posted 5 more Submersion lessons (#26-30), so half of the core 60-day course is now published. We’re right on schedule to have all 60 lessons published by Jan 31st. We also passed 500 sign-ups (currently at 504).

This co-creative approach is still working well with a steady stream of daily feedback coming in. By the time I’ve published a new batch of lessons, there’s enough feedback on the previous ones to inspire ideas for the next batch. The results people have been sharing along the way are powerful yet wildly unpredictable; this exploration is so different for each person.

I’m still wrapping my head around this type of group online exploration, which was an experiment for me as well. Instead of creating a course and then launching it, we launch it first and then co-create it experientially with the people who sign up for it. This approach aligns eerily well with what we’re covering in the Submersion course too. It’s stretching me to lean into more trust, courage, and cooperative creativity. Creative work flows through me every week, but I don’t feel like I’m controlling it. It feels like the course has a mind of its own, and I’m serving as a vehicle to facilitate its manifestation.

Creating a course for 500+ committed deep divers is very different than creating it solo and then releasing it when it’s 100% done. In some ways this co-creative approach is easier because I’m fueled by all the social energy; that aspect can be creatively stimulating, inspiring, and rewarding. However, maintaining overall life balance during this time feels more difficult. It’s like being inside a creative tunnel where it’s difficult to pay attention to anything else. The nature of this particular exploration into the matrix-like nature of reality can lend itself to a bit of obsession as well.

The past 4 weeks have felt almost unreal at times – so much growth and change packed into such a relatively short stretch of time. Part of me wants to pause, process what’s been happening, and try to make sense of it while another part wants to keep flowing with this surge of creative energy. Even sharing this quick update is giving me an idea for another lesson to design, almost like instructions are being downloaded, and I have to go transcribe them.

This type of co-creative energy is a strange animal… wild yet disciplined, obsessive yet patient, chaotic yet structured. It works amazingly well, and someday I’d like to understand why. In fact, diving into Submersion is partly inspired by the desire to deepen my understanding of this type of energy flow.

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