7 Best Free Resources for Developing Habits

While answering hundreds and hundreds of questions about habits on Quora I found myself referring to some free resources for developing good habits over and over again.

They are free. They are effective. They are helpful. So, here I share them with you.

1. Tiny Habits course

It’s free. It’s jam-packed with valuable knowledge about habits. It gives you the exact framework to develop habits.

It’s ultra-short. It takes a week, but it only consumes about one hour of your time overall.

And here comes the best: After this one week, you end up with three brain new good habits.

Ignore the rest of the resources and you’ll be good. Tiny Habits is 80% of the Pareto rule when it comes to those resources.

2. How habits work by Charles Duhigg

Charles is the author of the great book, “The Power of Habit.”

Yes, as the title says, there is some theory about habits in that article. But I refer people to it mainly to learn how to actually rebuild habits you are not satisfied with, aka bad habits.

It’s the best resource on the Internet, meaning the best in the whole world, about reprogramming your habits.

3. Coach.me

7 Best Free Resources for Developing Good HabitsThis platform was built as a habit tracking app called Lift. Later, they pivoted into coaching.

This application has absolutely everything you need to successfully develop new habits: the tracking system, the social aspect, and even the educational element – you can ask coaches and other users, for free, about specific habits.

I’ve been using it for years and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

4. BJ Fogg Behavioral Model

This model is a state-of-the-art piece of scientific research. BJ spent over two decades studying how to change people’s behaviors. His conclusions are to the point and very practical.

They describe the reality on the macro level, and at the same time, on the level of a single repetition of your habit. This model is the basis of his Tiny Habits concept.

I found it both convincing and enlightening. Like Duhigg’s piece about reprogramming habits, it’s the obligatory lecture for anyone even remotely interested in the subject of habit development.

5. The Four Tendencies Test

Short, funny, and enlightening test that will tell you how you approach habits in your life. Are you a Questioner or a Rebel? Find out and learn what tactics you can employ to make your habits stickier and struggle less.

6. James Clear’s blog

James Clear is the author of the book Atomic Habits. His blog is absolutely amazing when it comes to long articles packed with scientific research.
For example, I refer people all the time to his guides on sleep or creativity.

7. Zenhabits blog

I followed this blog at the very beginning of my transformation. This is where I got my Uncopyright idea from.

It’s created by Leo Babauta. This guy is a true practitioner. The reading experience is unparalleled. Leo removed all the distractions from his blog.

You think “only seven?” Well, they can keep you busy for weeks. And they are no fluff at all! Only seven, but they are the best free resources for developing habits available on the Internet.

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