Save money while you sleep

Vampire power awareness day You can reduse your costs just by terminating vampire power. Although the term ‘vampire’ is silly, the savings are serius. Chances are that you too is wasting power, even in your sleep. The solution, however, is pretty simple. What is vampire power? Vampire Power is the electricity that consumer electronics and…

Eight frugal tips for legal matters

This is a guest post from Leo Babauta, the author of the great site Zen Habits. If you have not already done so, please visit his insigthtfull blog. I recently was asked some questions from readers about legal matters, especially when it comes to trying to deal with legal matters while living on a budget….

Home made apple cider

Living in the city, I do not grow a lot of my own food, however friends and family have gardens and no clue what to do with the harvest. Making some sparkling dry apple cider the frugal way is not that hard: Take as many apples as you can or want, and extract the juice….

25 Ways I Save Money

Dawn from Frugal For Life had a post relating to “25 Ways I Save Money“. So here is my 25 ways: I have no car – I walk or bike instead. For longer distances I use buses or trains. I do all my banking online and that saves not only money but also time. I…

DIY (Do-it-yourself) around the home

I hate hate it when things break. I know it means countless hours of work. It’s not that the actial plumbing is difficult – it is just the fact that I do not know how to fix it beforehand. Here are some things we’ve learned when dealing with home repairs: Don’t panic. A zen-like state…