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Deep Abundance Integration Ebook Volume 2 Published

Volume 2 of the Ebook version of the Deep Abundance Integration course is now published to that course’s portal. All DAI participants will find a link to this bonus on the course’s Gifts page, so you can download it now or read it online. It’s yours to keep.

This new volume covers lessons 11-20 and is 144 pages. The previously published Volume 1 (added in June) covers lessons 1-10 and is 155 pages.

The third and final volume covering lessons 21-30 is well underway and will be added to the portal when it’s ready.

Turning an interactive video course into an ebook has been a real challenge. If we’d known in advance how much work this extra bonus would have been, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have promised it. But we did promise it, and so we’re delivering on that, however long it takes to do it right.

That said, it does feel good to provide such a hefty bonus that gives people another way to delve into the material. This is a massive course on overcoming scarcity and creating abundance, so the three ebook volumes will likely add up to about 450 pages. This one bonus could make the whole course worthwhile to many people, even without the videos.

Enjoy this new ebook volume!

If you haven’t done the Deep Abundance Integration course yet, do yourself a favor and sign up for it, like hundreds of other readers have already done. DAI has changed many lives, and I’m still receiving grateful stories of the ripples it’s creating. Many people have finished the entire course 2-3 times already. It’s designed to be timeless.

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