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Five New Submersion Bonuses Added

Over the past few weeks, we’ve added a significant amount of bonus material to our popular Submersion 60-day audio program to make it even better.

These bonuses include:

  • 60-page Submersion Summary Guide – This ebook conveniently summarizes each audio lesson on a single page, so you can refresh yourself on the key ideas at a glance.
  • Guided Walkthroughs – I recorded seven new audios (about 10 minutes each) to walk you through applying some of the richest Submersion tools, including practicing the simulation lens, creating your story, healing trust wounds, sparking creative ideas, talking with your future self, and more. These add a great deal of replay value to the course. Some include a few playful surprises as well. 😉
  • Guided Walkthrough Transcripts – We’ve added text transcripts for all Guided Walkthroughs, making it easy for you to do the exercises any way you like. You can even use these scripts as a base to record your own customized walkthroughs.
  • Subjective Reality Stories – We have six new videos of personal stories about getting results with Subjective Reality, recorded exclusively for Submersion. These stories include manifesting sums of money ranging from pennies to $50,000, manifesting an aligned relationship, turning fear into fun, creating beautiful memories, and more.
  • Subjective Reality Explorer’s Guide – Submersion now includes this compact collection of Subjective Reality tools and experiments – a handy resource for when you’re in the mood to explore and experiment with the subjective lens.

And the course already had 7 bonuses before this. Now it has 12. 🙂

Current Submersion customers already have access to all of these bonuses – you’ll find them on the Gifts page in the Submersion portal. Enjoy!

And if you’ve been waiting for the right time to join us, it’s here. This is the perfect time to join hundreds of other Subjective Reality explorers who’ve been having fascinating adventurers using these tools for many months now.

Learn more about Submersion by watching the invitation video.

Then summon some courage, and join us. The simulation will handle the rest. 😉

This course has changed many lives for the better, especially in terms of helping people heal trust wounds and getting into the flow of their creative power. It feels really good to know that we’ve made this even more valuable and useful now.

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