Sixty Third Income Report – June 2018 ($3354.6)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report.

63rd Income Report - June 2018June 2018 was full of hustle. Some of it was a smart hustle. I finished the email sequence for my Resurrecting Books service and could finally catch a breath without constant email bombardment from prospects.

It didn’t mean I had no inquiries. If I recall correctly, I got two new customers in June. But my email sequence dealt with all the potential clients who weren’t a good fit, and I interacted only with those who I was interested in working with. This was my marketing coach’s genius idea.


I got the first batch of keywords from my Indian partner. He sent me over 30,000 words and I distilled them to about 16,000 unique words. That meant 16 new keyword sets for tests.

I also downloaded all the keyword data from UK reports and recreated ads for my books and my two biggest customers. It worked. Amazon says it’s better to run ads for a long time, so their algorithms recognize which keywords work well, blah, blah, blah…
It’s BS.
It’s better to run new ads every month. Amazon does so much testing at the launch of an ad, that it gets a high volume of impressions, thus clicks and sales.

If I don’t reload ads, my sales are cut in half the next month. If I do reload them, I can sustain the stable level of sales.

And Ads…

My sales dwindled to about 10-15 copies a day in the US. Some of my old ads were over a year old. I also reloaded ads for my books in the US and the effect was very similar.

I downloaded all the data from my past campaigns per each book and crunched them separately. I ended up with 12,000-22,000 decent keywords for each book and created a set of ads. My sales rebounded.

I was busy with creating new ads for my customers as well. “I,” ha, ha. It was mainly my son who was eager to earn enough to buy himself a gaming computer.

I hired my 11-year old daughter for the task of downloading campaigns data. It was a simple, but time-consuming work, which is ideal for her. She proudly cashed in her first ‘salary.’


I wrote mostly new Quora answers and an income report, of course. But I got back to my book about self-talk at the end of the month. The last five days of June I was writing only this book.

I ran out of new Quora answers, so whenever I had nothing new from my proofreader I used my old content to answer new questions. I maintained consistency and some of those answers got promoted by Quora. I doubled down on this strategy the next month when I focused on finishing the self-talk book.

BJ Fogg

On 8th of June I had about one-hour long call with BJ Fogg, the creator of Tiny Habits framework and a head of Persuasive Lab on Stanford University.

He is writing a book about Tiny Habits for a wide public and was collecting some tiny habits success stories. We had a wonderful conversation. I think I have a pretty good chance of appearing in another mainstream book 😉


I enjoyed the first fruits of downsizing my day job to half-time.

I discovered a new sauna in a nearby town. It’s twice as far as the one I was using so far, but there was a road rebuilt on a route to the closest town. It appeared that this new sauna is superior to the old one and I made quite a few trips there.

At 1st of June I went to a pop singer concert with my daughter. She was my daughter’s favorite Polish pop star, so my girl was very happy. I was exhausted, a couple hours of constant loud music wreaked havoc on my system.

“Deadpool 2” finally arrived at our small town cinema and I watched this ‘family movie’ with my wife.

Speaking of my wife – she finally lost her temper and went out of her shell in regards to our eldest son. He is 17, a little depressed and acting like that. This incident transformed into a family meeting with both of our sons. It nicely cleared the atmosphere at our home.

The Income Report Breakdown

Amazon royalties: €1161.45 ($1358.9)
CreateSpace royalties: €1189.26 ($1391.43) fees: $316
Draft2Digital royalties: $26.48
Audiobooks royalties: $137.5
PWIW personal coaching: $369.46
AMS service remuneration: $1297.31
Affiliate marketing: $186.13

Total: $5083.21

$29, Aweber fee
$122.58, royalties split with co-author
$95.62, my editor’s share in profits
$967.42, Amazon ads
$292, RAs’ (RAs = Real Assistants; my sons & a daugter 😉 ) remuneration
$100, proofreading
$99.99,’s yearly fee
$22, domain renewal

Total: $1728.61

Net Result: $3354.6

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