Habit Guide Ebook, Habit Mastery Video Course, and Mindfulness Seminar Available

By Leo Babauta

I told you guys earlier about the Kickstarter campaign for my Habit Zen app, but today I wanted to share three special rewards that I included in that campaign: a habit guide ebook, my new Habit Mastery video course, and a one-day mindfulness seminar with me in San Francisco.

These are three new products I’ve been creating, and I’m offering them in this campaign for the first time.

I think they’re some of the most important things I’ve created, so I’m going to share some details about each so you can grab them before the campaign ends (in less than 2 weeks) if you want.

Habit Guide Ebook

Similar to the Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness short ebook I released last month, this is a concise guide for beginners — the mechanics of how habits are formed, the common obstacles to sticking to a habit and how to solve them, and some key habit skills. This is something you can read in a couple of sittings, but put the exercises into practice over a month to learn the fundamentals of creating new habits.

I’m writing this book now, and hope to finish it by next month, and release it either at the end of October or sometime in November. It’ll be sold separately as a regular short-read ebook at $4.99 here on Zen Habits, or as a package for $9.99 with some additional instructional videos. But you can reserve your copy of the ebook and videos now by supporting my Habit Zen app project on Kickstarter!

Habit Mastery Video Course

I’ve been working on this course nearly all year, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made, I believe. It’s pretty much all written, and now I just need to shoot the videos and package it together as a course.

Why is this my best product yet? Because it’s intended to take you into the intermediate and advanced stages of habit mastery, not just the beginner level. Because it’s guided by video lessons and a series of exercises designed to give you the skills you need to create all kinds of habits, if you do the work. And because it’s focused on the meta skills of habit creation (and quitting habits), not just specific habits (like exercise or meditation).

I’m really excited to offer this video course. I plan to sell it early next year for about $300 (or $400 for the premium level), but again, you can get in on it while supporting my Kickstarter campaign (and I could use the help!).

Habit Webinars

I didn’t mention this in the title, but in the Kickstarter campaign, I’m offering a series of webinars on creating habits. Similar to the habit guide ebook, these webinars (you could get just one, or the whole series) is intended to give you the basics of forming habits, and to help you overcome common obstacles. The difference? These webinars will be live, online, and I’ll answer questions you can ask in the chat.

I find the webinar format really useful — I offer a 25-minute (or so) talk, and then answer audience questions, which is always an enlightening process to watch, even if you don’t ask any questions. But I encourage you to ask questions, because that’s when the real learning happens. I love doing webinars, and I hope you’ll join me (note: you’ll get access to these webinars if you choose a higher reward level).

One-Day Mindfulness Seminar (in person)

OK, this one is really special. It’ll be a live seminar, in person, in San Francisco. For one day, next Spring (date will be determined by a poll of all attendees).

I’m limiting this reward to 15 people for now, but I might sell a few more spots in this webinar here on Zen Habits later this year or early next year. I want to keep the group small.

Why is this special? It’ll be the first seminar I’ve ever created like this. I’ll work with the small group of attendees to develop some powerful mindfulness skills over the course of a day, using hands-on exercises that I’ll be supervising and offering feedback on. This isn’t just about being present or living in the moment — it’s about dealing with fears and procrastination that might be holding you back, struggles with frustration and anxiety, finding more focus to do the work you love and are meant to do.

In addition to the mindfulness training, we’ll eat some of my favorite vegan food in San Francisco, have a tea tasting, and eat some world-class chocolate. Yum!

I hope you’ll join me by backing my Kickstarter at the appropriate level.

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