The Recap of My 2019 Goals

I definitely need to listen to Jim Rohn and Brian Buffini more. Those folks are so satisfied with their goals. For me, goals are a source of unrelenting misery. My 2019 goals went better than usual, but still, I want to pull my hair out in exasperation. OK, let’s go over them. 1. Communication in […]

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The Amazing Results of Writing Down Your Goals

Make friends with pen and paper, it’s worth it I get a feeling that writing is a universal key to our subconscious mind. My experience with journaling and goal setting suggests that despite the huge number of volumes about the power of the subconscious mind, we still hopelessly undervalue it. And you can throw the […]

My Goals for 2019

My yearly goals didn’t go as bad as usual in 2018. I’m a bit more hopeful about 2019. I still credit the meager success I got in 2018 to the fact that I’m more in control of my schedule. And maybe more in control of my mind. In the past, not reaching a certain milestone […]

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