When Objective Reality Beats You Down

Have you ever felt that the objective world was beating you down? Ever felt like you’ve been dealt a pile-up of problems and annoyances to deal with? If this is an objective universe, then unfortunately the universe doesn’t actually care. But what if this universe isn’t objective? What if you actually live in some other…

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Cooking Healthful Joyful Meals with a Picky Family

By Leo Babauta Shifting from a convenient but unhealthy diet to one of healthful, delicious joy can be a challenge when you’re living alone — but there’s a whole new level of challenge if you are part of a family. The problem: while you might want to change to a new style of eating, picky […]

Submersion Transcripts Now Being Added

Lesson transcripts are being added to Submersion this month. The first transcript for lesson 1 has already been published to the Submersion portal. Many more will follow in the weeks ahead until we’ve published all 60 lesson transcripts. These transcripts are only being lightly edited, so they’re essentially word for word transcriptions of the audios,…

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I remember years ago when interest in lifestyle design was surging. Many people were escaping their 9-5 jobs, becoming digital nomads, traveling extensively, exploring open relationships, embracing wild adventures, and stretching the limits of what they could do with their lifestyles. Some people thrived in those explorations while others quickly burned out. Many who went…

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Connecting Your Work Tasks to Meaning

By Leo Babauta I’m really good at getting a lot of things done, taking action, piling up a buttload of completed tasks. Action isn’t my problem — it’s making the tasks themselves feel more meaningful. Do any of you have that problem, that your work just feels like busywork, not super meaningful? By the way, […]