Meditating in the Middle of Chaos

By Leo Babauta The wind and rain were swirling around me powerfully, as I sat in my mom’s tropical flower garden in Guam and meditated. A tropical storm was passing close to Guam, where I’m living at the moment, and I decided to go out into the strong winds and torrential rain to meditate for […]

When Objective Reality Beats You Down

Have you ever felt that the objective world was beating you down? Ever felt like you’ve been dealt a pile-up of problems and annoyances to deal with? If this is an objective universe, then unfortunately the universe doesn’t actually care. But what if this universe isn’t objective? What if you actually live in some other…

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Cooking Healthful Joyful Meals with a Picky Family

By Leo Babauta Shifting from a convenient but unhealthy diet to one of healthful, delicious joy can be a challenge when you’re living alone — but there’s a whole new level of challenge if you are part of a family. The problem: while you might want to change to a new style of eating, picky […]