Month: December 2019

Toolkit for Caregivers Book Review

I read this book because I sometimes read books totally outside of my field of interest. I like to broaden my horizons. And you never know—my parents are over 65 now. So, I didn’t read Toolkit for Caregivers to solve my immediate problems and needs. I read it as a book. And it’s a good […]

Creating a More Action-Oriented Character

Do you ever feel that your character is too hesitant and self-censoring? Maybe you get an idea to take action or to share something, and then another voice pops in your head and talks you out of it. Perhaps you straddle the fence for a while, pondering whether it’s wiser to take action or hold…

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The Essential Zen Habits of 2019

By Leo Babauta It’s hard to believe we’re closing out not just another year, but an entire decade! It’s been quite a decade for Zen Habits, and also a really powerful year for me and my mission. To start with, let’s talk about what I’ve done this year: Hired a Director of Operations to help […]